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  • What is ProPILOT?
  • 22 June 2019

    What is ProPILOT?

    Nissan ProPILOT is an innovative advanced driving assistance technology which reduces the driver's workload in heavy traffic and on long commutes. ProPILOT enhances the driver’s control by assisting with steering, acceleration and braking. It is optimised for low-speed congestion and high-speed cruising.

    ProPILOT technology is extremely user friendly due to a switch on the steering wheel that allows the driver to activate and deactivate the system. The system allows you to automatically follow the car in front at a preset distance whilst also keeping you centered in your lane. ProPILOT can fully stop your vehicle based on the traffic flow and then bring it back up to speed when the traffic starts moving again.

    By liberating drivers from some of the more mundane elements of motoring, it reduces fatigue and stress and improves safety, enhancing overall control and confidence.

    It is a ‘hands on, eyes on’ technology as the driver remains in control and responsible for the vehicle. 

    How does it work?

    The technology works based on traffic and road conditions data supplied by a camera mounted in the Qashqai’s windscreen and a radar behind the Nissan badge in the front grille. 


    • Maintains the distance between vehicles within a preset speed range – Providing that you are travelling at more than 60kmh (37mph)
    • Ensures the vehicle stays in the middle of the driving lane
    • Blind spot cover


    Maintains speed

    • Automatic speed control at pre-set speed


    • Ensures the vehicle keeps in the middle of the driving lane with small, subtle, steering inputs.

    Follow & Stop

    • Keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front automatically. Brings the vehicle to a complete stop based on traffic conditions and continues to apply the brakes until released by the push of a button.

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