Buy It Now Terms and Conditions
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Buy It Now Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

To complete the Buy It Now process (“process”) with West Way Nissan (“us”, “we”, “our”), you will be directed to our partner site run by Codeweavers Ltd to place your order.

This process is the declaration of an intent to purchase the vehicle – you do not enter into a contract to purchase the vehicle through this process. You will be able to obtain a part exchange valuation, reserve a vehicle and submit your details for a finance application. The completion of the purchase, should you wish to progress this, will take place via phone calls.

1. Part Exchange
a. This will be an estimated valuation of the vehicle based on the information provided.
b. It is not a guaranteed value or offer to purchase your vehicle
c. The estimated valuation is provided by our partner CAP and is valid for a period of 14 days.
d. The estimated valuation may change based on a physical evaluation of your vehicle by West Way.

2. Reserve Now
a. A £200 (including VAT) deposit must be paid via debit or credit card in order to reserve the vehicle.
   i. West Way Nissan does not view or store credit card information.
   ii. This deposit will be processed using Stripe’s authenticated and encrypted payment system.
b. On receipt and verification (in cleared funds) of the £200 deposit, the vehicle will be reserved for a period of 7 days.
c. At this point in the process you may request a refund of the deposit online through the process.
   i. These funds will be automatically transferred back to the card that you used to pay the deposit.
   ii. Funds will not be automatically refunded after progressing past the Apply for Finance stage or the Complete Handover stage. After this, you must contact the dealership to request a refund.
d. You will have 7 days to conclude the process i.e. progress to the end of the process by completing the Place Order stage. The vehicle will be marked as reserved on during this time.
e. If you have not concluded the process within 7 days, West Way reserve the right to remove the vehicle as reserved and make available for sale to the general public.
   i. If after 7 days you have not progressed past the Reserve Now stage, your reservation fee will be refunded by West Way to your card. A member of the our team will contact you to notify you of this. You will be refunded your £200 deposit less any payment processing fees incurred by us.

3. Apply for Finance – if applicable
a. This is a submission of your details for West Way to make a finance application to our primary finance lender RCI Financial Services Limited.
   i. These details will be held for a period of six months in line with GDPR requirements, following which they will be completely removed.
   ii. A member of the West Way sales team will contact you to confirm the finance quotation and details of your finance application details before submission.
b. Following the submission, a member of the West Way sales team will contact you to inform you of the decision of the finance application.
   i. In the event that your finance application has been accepted by RCI Financial Services Limited, a member of the sales team will discuss next steps which will include completing the RCI Financial Services Limited e-signing process.
   ii. In the event that your finance application has not been accepted by RCI Financial Services Limited, we may refer to our partner DSG Financial Services Ltd who is a credit broker and not a lender.

4. Complete Handover
a. You have the following options to complete the vehicle handover:
   i. Collect the vehicle for free from the dealership where the vehicle is based.
   ii. Have the vehicle delivered to an address of your choice for a fee of £95 including VAT.
b. The £95 delivery fee only applies to vehicles delivered within a 100-mile radius of the dealership or storage location where the purchased vehicle is based.
   i. If the delivery location is outside of this 100-mile radius, a member of our sales team will advise on the applicable delivery charges.
c. You may request to change your choice of handover after this process by contacting the dealership.

5. Place Order
a. This completes the process and submits your intent to purchase the vehicle.
   i. However, this does not obligate you to purchase the vehicle.

6. Other related terms
a. These terms relate to used Nissan vehicles only. They do not apply to new Nissans or used non-Nissan vehicles advertised by West Way Nissan on or third-party vehicle advertising platforms.
b. The finance quotations available on the West Way Nissan website are not guaranteed, are for illustrative purposes and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.
c. You have the right to reserve one vehicle only at any one time.
   i. If you have more than one vehicle reserved at the same time, we reserve the right to refund one of the vehicles, making it available for sale again.
   ii. You will be refunded your £200 deposit less any payment processing fees incurred by us.
d. These terms relate to the process only; no obligation to purchase the vehicle is created and you do not enter a contract to purchase the vehicle.
e. If after this process, and a successful finance application (if applicable), you wish to complete the purchase of the vehicle, you will be subject to our separate Terms and Conditions of Sale.
   i. Your £200 deposit will either be refunded or; the vehicle purchase price will be deducted by the same value or; deducted from your finance deposit.

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