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The Juke is classed as a subcompact crossover SUV, smaller than the used Qashqai but still an SUV with a very roomy, spacious interior for the family. The compact crossover rolled out off the Japanese manufactures Sunderland plant in late 2010, this was after making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in earlier in the year. The Nissan Juke has been well received since then, it may have something to do with the British built Crossover’s awards it collected through the years;

  • ‘Best For Technology’ by Auto Express

  • ‘Best Crossover’ by Parker’s

  • Guinness World Record, driving around the Goodwood Hill course on 2 wheels in 2 minutes 55 seconds

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You can even personalise your used Nissan Juke if you're looking for a more sporty look and feel. Nissan released the NISMO in 2013 followed by the NISMO RS in 2015. The NISMO is an updated Juke with a 1.6l turbo engine with more power. You’ll find a great selection of used Juke NISMO models across our dealership. Every second-hand Juke comes with our Nissan Intelligent Choice stamp of approval, making purchasing a used car an easy decision. For more information about what comes with our Nissan Intelligent Choice, you can simply visit our dedicated page.

Are you possibly looking for something a little larger than the Juke? You may want to take a look at a used Qashqai. Or if you have a need for even more space, the used X-Trail could be the perfect fit.

  • A used Juke’s top speed is between 110.6mph to 111.8mph.

  • Officially Nissan says the Jukes fuel economy ranges between 39mpg to 48mpg, this is engine grade dependent. To buy a super-economical Juke you should look to buy a 1.5-litre dCi 110 model. On paper, it offers a fuel economy of 49.6pg.

  • The road tax ranges between £125 - £235 annually. For a more accurate costing ask one of our team at your local Nissan dealer.

  • No, the Nissan Juke wasn’t developed as a 4x4, you are only able to buy a Juke as a 2wd car.

  • Length ranges between 4,135mm to 4,210mm. The width of the car ranges between 1,765mm o 1,800mm. For the height, it ranges between 1,565mm to 1,595mm.

  • Nissan combined the subcompact, SUV and sports car classes all into a new class of its own. The crossover class offers a sporty, practical roomy car.

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