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Looking for a brand new Nissan? West Way has you covered, with some highly competitive leasing and contract rates on our full range of cars and vans.

Why Lease with West Way:

  • It's simple and cost effective
  • Drive away in a high spec car of your choice
  • Set monthly fee for a set amount of time, you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Hassle free - once the Lease is up, simply return it to us with no worries about the resale value

Car leasing
is one of the most popular car financing methods and is a great way to drive away a brand new car without any of the financial complications. Take a look at our unique Nissan leasing offers below.

Car Leasing Benefits

Leasing a car or van can save you money and provides you with an option to have a brand new vehicle that you may not be in the position to buy. So what are the benefits of leasing a vehicle? We’ve got just a few of them here:

  • Affordable and manageable monthly repayments
  • Access to brand new vehicles you may not be able to afford in a one off payment
  • Manufacturers warranty normally lasts the length of the lease, and Road Tax is incorporated into the payments
  • The cost remains the same throughout your lease
  • You can upgrade your car every 2-4 years

We offer an affordable choice of financial packages with highly compatible leasing and contract hire rates, as well as the option of a tailor made financial solutions for all vehicles. These include:

  • Contract Hire for Business
  • Personal Contract Hire

We are authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) too, giving you added peace of mind whilst leasing a Nissan from us.

  • We like to help you make the right decision
  • We have 14 dealerships across the UK that showcase the full range, helping you find the perfect vehicle for you
  • We have knowledgeable and helpful staff at all our branches, they are experts in the brand and are they to help you make the right decision that’s right for you
  • We offer the full range of vehicles: city car, a family hatchback, crossover, SUV, pick up truck and a great range of 100% electric vehicles too

For more information, help or advice on our Leasing deals, call 01252 266038 and speak to a member of our team or even use our Live Chat now to speak to a member of staff or alternatively pop into one of our branches for some advice and even a test drive, we are more than happy to help.