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Here at West Way, we can offer you a simple, cost-effective way to drive away in a brand new Nissan. We offer highly competitive leasing and contract hire rates on our full range of cars and vans. To find out more about the types of leasing West Way offer and to see the benefits of leasing a car or van, take a look at our Nissan leasing page.

Taking advantage of this option means you can rent a new car for a set monthly fee, for a set amount of time - once your lease is up to you just return your vehicle to us. It’s that simple and hassle free, you just drive away in the high spec car of your dreams. There aren't many people that can afford to pay for a brand new car upfront, which is why leasing a vehicle is becoming so popular.

Take a look below at our special Nissan leasing offers and contract hire packages we currently have to offer.

Car Leasing Benefits

Leasing a car or van can save you money and provides you with an affordable way to have quick access to a vehicle that you may not be able to afford to purchase brand new.

Benefits include:

  • Monthly repayments, which are generally at a better rate than a car loan.
  • You're able to drive a car or van you may not be able to afford to purchase in a one-off payment.
  • Low running costs: Manufacturer's warranty normally last the length of your lease, and road tax is incorporated within the lease package.
  • You're not spending your savings.Leased cars offer fixed price motoring, meaning costs remain the same throughout the period of your lease.
  • You can change your car every 2-4 years.


We offer an affordable choice of financial packages with highly compatible leasing and contract hire rates, as well as the option of a tailor made financial solutions on all our vehicles. These include Contract Hire for businesses or Personal Contract Hire for those opting out of a company car.  We are Authorised and Regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) so you can have peace of mind leasing a Nissan from us.

Don’t just lease your next car or van online without test driving it first. The benefit of leasing a car with West Way is we have 14 dealerships around the UK showcasing Nissan’s full range. This gives you the option to find the vehicle that's right for you, be it a city car, family hatchback, crossover, SUV, pickup truck or if you want to go 100% electric. You also get the added benefit of talking to our knowledgeable sales team who are experts in the brand and can give you all the advice you need on all models, as well as what extras to add.

For more information on our leasing deals, call 01252 266038 and speak to a member of our team, or for convenience use our live chat service now to speak to a member of staff.  Alternatively, we do hope we see you soon at your nearest West Way Nissan dealership for a test drive.