The Juke is a car that refuses to conform; it's eye catching, unique, fearless, stylish and compact! If you’re new car hunting and want to purchase a car that's comfy, performs well on city streets and off the beaten track, then this is the car for you.  As the UK’s largest Official Nissan Dealer, we’re able to offer the very best Nissan Juke deals with competitive prices, just click to browse and pick up a money saving deal today.

Exterior Features

The Jukes exterior is certainly something to be reckoned with! It has taillights inspired by the high performing 370z, muscular strong lines and a fiercely sculpted bonnet which gives this statement making model presence on the road. It has the look of a 2 door sports car, whilst having the practicality of a family-friendly compact SUV.

Ride high, and tackle steep driveways and bumps without having to stress of bottoming out, as the Juke has been engineered in the UK to conquer the urban landscape. You’ll have no issues with visibility thanks to the bold boomerang-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights that sweep out of the bonnet creating this cars distinctive look. At the front is Nissan’s V-shaped grille positioned above the rally-inspired round headlights.

Juke Dimensions

  • Height: 1565mm
  • Width: 1765mm
  • Length: 4135mm

Interior Features

Open the door, and you’ll instantly spot the Juke’s sporty character. With bolstered seats and motorcycle-inspired circular gauges, this compact crossover oozes with comfort and style. You can make it even racier inside with interior personalisation available on certain grade which gives you the options to add contrast sticking in a choice of colours, so you can make the Juke truly your own.

Inside you can opt to have the power panoramic sunroof, which allows you to let the outside light in with the tough of a single button. The deep bucket seats provide the best comfort, with body-hugging seat bolsters and to remind you of the Juke’s sports pedigree there is motorbike inspired circular gauges with cowl, and the centre console features the dramatic lines of a motorbike fuel tank. The sculpted door finishers can also be customised with a choice of colours with Interior Personalisation on selected grades.

The boot’s capacity of 354 litres is enough to accommodate your luggage and you can get maximum use with the dual level floor. The smart and flexible storage includes 60:40 split rear seats so you can pack everything into the back of this versatile boot.

Technology & Safety Features

As well as having the best comfort, the Juke also features technology that keeps you connected. If you're in a small spot the around view monitor will make parking and leaving spaces easy. It gives you a crystal clear a 360° of everything around you thanks to the 4 cameras that are positioned and hidden on the outside exterior.

With the famous NissanConnect, you’ll have access to apps courtesy of your smartphone. Plug your phone into the USB port or Bluetooth to play music and use hands-free technology so you can stay connected with the world. The NissanConnect system also lets you navigate anywhere and includes voice recognition, 5.8" colour touch screen, a huge point of interest library and travel updates so you’ll never get lost driving again.

Thanks to Nissan’s Intelligent Key you can unlock your Juke with a simple tap of a button on the door handle. All you need is the keys in your pocket or bag, and the proximity sensor will work when you're next to the door and open the car for you. Fire up the engine using the start/stop button, so you can be on your way for the ride of your life.

Heated seats are available so you can stay toasty on frosty winter mornings, and the double agent Dynamic Control System gives you control. The Climate mode controls the temperature and the D-Mode provides the option of Sport, Normal or Eco driving modes.

The Juke has you covered with the array of safety shield technologies which work seamlessly together so you can drive with extra confidence. These safety features include

●        Lane Departure Warning

●        Blind Spot Warning

●        Moving Object Detection

●        Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

●        Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

●        Traction Control System (TCS) so you can stay on track and safe on the road.

Inside is also Nissan’s advanced airbag system, which uses seat-belt and occupant-classification sensors and dual-stage front airbags to help you and your passengers if a collision occurs. In addition to this, the seat-mounted side airbags at the front and roof-mounted curtain airbags provide protection throughout the cabin.

Engine Specifications

The petrol engines available with the Juke combine the boost of a turbocharger for more low-end torque and advanced direct injection which helps ensure the fuel needed is optimised. There’s a choice of 2 petrol engines; the DIG-T 190 for thrill-seekers putting performance first and the new DIG-T 115 that's tuned for the maximum economy with a torque-rich kick.

Click to read the Nissan Juke Wikipedia page for more on the history of the Juke and the awards it's won since its creation.  

Nissan Juke Personalisation




Read what people are saying about our Nissan Vehicles

Sue Winkley

Sutton Coldfield

Juke 1.6 Tekna CVT (Automatic)

I have recently purchased a Nissan Juke after deciding that I wanted to own a more funky vehicle than my

Volkswagen Golf! The Juke caught my eye at the West Way Birmingham dealership and I was extremely impressed by the car after taking it for a test drive. The Juke is extremely comfortable and it feels great to be sitting up high providing me with great all round visibility. Other features of the car are brilliant – the steering wheel function controls are easy to use, the reversing camera comes in very handy and the sat nav allows me to take my Juke anywhere I want! What I love most about the car is the fact that I was able to have it personalised to suit my taste with colour-coded bumpers, Piano Black alloy wheels and a tailgate spoiler. The intelligent key is also very useful as I don’t even have to get it out of my handbag to open my car. If I was to change anything on this model it would be to add a sunroof as this would be great on the sunny days! Apart from that, the Juke suits my lifestyle perfectly; it’s ideal for everyday journeys and big enough for my weekly shop!

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Mike Peachy


Juke 1.6 DiG-TNismo

After reading various positive customer reviews about West Way Nissan, I visited my local dealership in Stourbridge. I was looking

for a car that would suit my lifestyle, and the Juke Nismo seemed ideal as I wanted an everyday car that stands out on the road. I find the seats on the Nismo very comfortable, they really hug you! On top of that, the drive and performance of the car is exceptional, it makes driving very pleasant. It would be a bonus if I were able to upgrade to the Bose or Rockford Fosgate system or even better if it were standard on this model. Another advantage to me owning a Nissan car is that I have a good sized dealership close-by that I can easily access if I need to. The Nismo fits in perfectly with my lifestyle and it’s exactly what I want from a car - it looks great, it’s comfortable and its performance makes it an extremely useful car for everyday driving.

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Carrie Ellis


Juke Visia 1.6

I previously owned a Renault Clio, but wanted to change to a car that would be a perfect ‘second’ car

for our family, so went for a Juke Visia 1.6. The Juke really suits my lifestyle, it’s great for transporting the kids around and it’s nippy on the dual carriage ways for my commute to work. The car is really comfortable, with plenty of space both in the front and back and it can easily sit three children in the three back seats. Something that I especially like about the car is the driving position – it’s higher than others without the car being too big. I love my Juke (we call her Daisy!),she looks great, and always receives compliments wherever I go!

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Lynn  Davies


Juke Tekna DCi

I have recently picked up my brand new Nissan Juke from West Way Stourbridge, and I couldn’t be happier! I

was recommended by a colleague to visit West Way and they were excellent and provided me with all the info I needed. In the end I walked away with a brand new personalised purple Juke! I love everything about it, I was looking to upgrade from a Juke Acenta Premium I had previously to a vehicle which had a sunroof. The brand new Juke was released earlier this year, and came with a sunroof – this was an immediate win for me! The new Juke comes with a host of features, from spacious and comfortable leather seating to the great Nissan connect features and to my surprise heated front seats – I love this as well as the automatic wipers and headlights. Amongst all the great features, my favourite has to be the 360 camera and the sunshine from the sunroof! All in all, my Juke is perfect for my day to day lifestyle and there is nothing I would change – it’s perfect!

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Roy Marsh


Juke 1.6 Tekna

West Way Nissan has been my dealer of choice for several years now, having used them for servicing as well

as buying new vehicles. Not only are the staff in sales and servicing a credit to the company, but I know I can rely on Nissan providing me with a good quality car. I was perfectly happy with my Juke Shiro, which was only upgraded due to being invited by West Way to test drive their new model! After seeing the revised styling to the Juke Tekna, along with the plethora of new and improved features such as the interior, lighting, steering and sensor cameras, I knew I had to have one! What quite surprised me was the improvement in bother the clarity of the image and guidelines showing where the car will be positioned. Overall, I feel very comfortable in this new model, the acceleration is smoother from standstill, the steering is precise, the safety features help me feel at ease, and is so much quieter whilst cruising too – allowing for a more enjoyable ride and experience.

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Martin Corcoran


Juke Nismo

I am a very proud owner of a Juke Nismo, which I can safely and happily say there is nothing

I would change about it. The car is ever so comfortable, I love the performance but my absolute favourite has to be the LED running lights, they look really good! I previously owned a Juke Tekna , I wasn’t planning on changing my car but I was given such a good deal on the Nismo, I couldn’t resist. I’m getting on in years, I may as well have what I want while I can. I brought my Juke Nismo from Wolverhampton, everyone at West Way seems really caring and professional. You always get a good experience.

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Laura Meredith


Juke Tekna

I previously drove a Renault Megane Coupe. I believe that if you don't change your car regularly the price difference

between the old and the new becomes unaffordable. So I decided to change and upgrade my car. The Nissan juke Tekna instantly caught my eye, I love the look of the Juke, especially the black accents on the wing mirrors, what’s even better is that the road tax is only £20 and my insurance is under £300. The Juke is very comfortable and has a real luxurious feel to it; the heated leather seats are fabulous and the ride is ultra-smooth and quiet. Apart from looking jazzy and smart I love all the gadgets especially the all-round cameras - they are brilliant and save you scratching your alloys when parking! The different driving modes surprised me, when you put it into sport mode you really notice the difference, it’s as if someone is giving you a push. It is the perfect size, I can comfortably get everything I need in the car. The size of the vehicle was something I was wary of before however it is actually not as big as I was expecting, I never struggle to find a parking space. I also love being higher up, I don’t think I can go back now. The one improvement I would suggest is that the fuel tank should be bigger. I used to fill up my Megane less frequently in comparison to now. When looking online West Way Nissan had the largest selection of used cars. I live near Worcester but I didn’t mind travelling to Wolverhampton to look at their selection. The staff were very helpful and friendly and ultimately gave me a really good deal on the car!

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Sue  Mort


Nissan Juke Tekna

My new Nissan Juke Tekna is incredibly comfortable. I love how it is a 4x4 and automatic, exactly what I

wanted. I wasn’t expecting the Juke to be as fast, it’s nice and speedy when I need it to be and feels very secure and sturdy to drive which is definitely reassuring. The Juke has always been a big favourite of mine, my previous car was a Juke Tekna too; however the new model had just come out hence why I decided to upgrade. The Juke is perfect for my lifestyle, I’m always ferrying my grandchildren around and doing rush hour journeys; the automatic gearbox is a godsend. I found WestWay staff very professional and friendly.

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Sonia  Kaur


Nissan Juke N-Connecta

I love my new Nissan Juke, It’s the N-Connecta petrol model in artic white, and it’s surprisingly very comfortable. There

are so many things about this car I love; the keyless entry, cruise control, Bluetooth to my phone and the stop start engine. My favourite has to be the camera that aids you when reverse parking, I've never been the best at parking but this camera is a god send, and what's even better it has parking guide lines! You cannot go wrong! I was very surprised at how smooth and calming the drive is- you can't hear the engine especially being petrol it's very quiet! I'm in love with how compact the inside of the car is, I'm not a very big person and to go from a KA sport to a much larger car was quite daunting but you are reassured with how you can see everything; your higher up, you can adjust the seat to exactly how you feel comfortable, everything is in reach. To have access to changing songs, answering the phone, controlling cruise control all from the steering wheel- which means you won't be distracted trying to access different things in the car! I wanted a car I could rely on, wake up in the morning and not have the worry of a flat tyre and the car not starting non-starting. I've always loved the look of the Juke, and now I love it even more! I wouldn't change anything- but I am having the alloys powder coated black just to be a bit more edgey. I brought my Juke from the Wolverhampton dealership; they had some really great deals, and the best customer service in my opinion.

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Mel Crumpton


Juke Tekna

I love my Nissan Juke, it's incredibly cosy and the heated seats are amazing; I don't know how I managed

without it in my previous Mondeo. I like the fact that I feel high up, I feel like I'm driving a Jeep! I changed my Mondeo as I didn't like the design of it and I felt too low down. I like the Jukes edgy design and its style, it feels easy to drive yet sporty at the same time.

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Gaye  Rayebould


Juke Tekna

I recently brought a new Nissan Juke Tekna and due to the fact that I brought a Juke I named

it Daisy (Duke)! If you remember Dukes of Hazard, I thought this was fitting! My Juke is very comfy and I love feeling high up, especially for me since I’m quite short but my husband is taller and it’s still a perfect size for us both. It’s a four door so I can get my mum in the back and its nice and nippy, I can pop into town with ease. The heated seats are a dream and I love the light steering, very easy to drive! My previous car was a VW Golf convertible but I felt it was the right time to change, realising the value left in my old car. The Juke has a great spec and features, I think the design of the car is quite funky so I thought it would really suit me! The suspension seems a bit hard and I need to change to second gear quickly, I would have liked audible parking sensors but that’s only because that's what I was used too in my old car. I chose West Way Stourbridge as it’s the nearest dealer to home plus my mum, boss and colleague all bought from there and I heard nothing but great things about it. I think my Daisy stands out from the rest ;)

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Karen  Steadman


Nissan Juke Tekna 1.2

I pass West Way Nissan at Birmingham everyday on my way to work and it was the quirkiness of the

Juke which originally caught my eye – even from its first launch. Even though I couldn’t bear to part from my Seat Altea, I thought it was time to upgrade, especially because West Way were advertising great offers on new Jukes! The 0% APR finance drew me in as it was a great opportunity for me. The staff was friendly and helpful and I finally settled on a two tone, top of the range Juke Tekna with grey and orange trim. I love the height of the boot, but I would have liked some lumbar support – like my Seat Altea, and a larger capacity fuel tank would have been an added bonus. I’m very happy with my new Juke and I’d almost certainly buy another one.

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New Nissan JUKE