The LEAF is known as one of the world's first mainstream 100% electric cars, and it's available at West Way with our competitive deals and on our impressive Nissan Motability scheme. Purchasing a LEAF comes with many benefits; not only do you save on fuel costs and pay no car tax, you’re also granted £5000 from the government which is taken off the overall price of the LEAF. If this all-electric hatchback sounds like the perfect car for you, have a browse through our Nissan LEAF deals.

Switch to the electric side of driving with the 100% electric family friendly LEAF hatchback. The famous eco-friendly car has been developed with game-changing technology that enables it to produce zero emissions when driving. There are many reasons why you should go fully electric. One reason being the impressive range of up to 155 miles from a single charge. You will save money that you would normally spend on petrol or diesel with a normal combustion car. You also get the convenience of charging the car at home with the supplied cable or use a Rabid Charge Port or install a home charging unit.

Owning A Nissan LEAF

Exterior Features

To match the LEAF’s electric unique capabilities, this model has a statement-making exterior and interior design to match. The aerodynamic design uses details like the flat underbody tray and sculpted headlights, which deflect the airflow around door mirrors when driving. These contribute to the LEAF’s clever aerodynamic shape that has a drag coefficient of only 0.28, created to reduce cabin noise and wind resistance whilst keeping efficiency up.

The LED headlights which are standard on the higher grade - Tekna, use half the amount of energy traditional headlights use, this saves more battery power for your driving. In addition to this, there is a solar powered radio available on the Tekna which converts the sunlight into energy, which powers the 12-volt outlet, audio system, and air conditioning.

The lightweight 17” alloy wheels that come standard on the Tekna are lightweight, so they reduce unsprung weight and help contribute to the LEAF’s outstanding efficiency. As well as this, since the LEAF is 100% electric which means it drives in near silence, minus annoying engine vibrations. The easy to open illuminated charge port open with the press of the button on your Nissan Intelligent Key, and to make you aware of the battery pack levels there are blue LED lights visible when your LEAF is charging and connected which let you know the charging levels, so you know exactly when to finish that job last minute job and hit the road.

Interior Features

Inside, you’ll find a spacious 5 seater interior which provides the ultimate comfort for you and your family. With the 60:40 split rear seats, tonnes of storage space, climate control a USB port and plenty more - it has everything you want plus electric power!

With 370 liters of boot space, the LEAF can accommodate your family's luggage, and when they aren’t along for the ride with you, fold down the 60:40 split folding rear seats to expand this boot to 720 liters which makes room for plenty of other rooms such as a mountain bike. With the boot, you also get a useful under-floor locker that allows you to keep valuable items out of site.

With the Higher grade - Tekna grade you get stylish leather-trimmed heated seats at the front and rear so everyone can enjoy a little more warmth on cold winter days. The remote climate control allows you to use your smartphone or computer to turn on the heating with an easy to use control. This is great for warming up the car on a frosty December morning.

Technology & Safety Features

Inside are an array of clever technologies that are guaranteed to boost your driving enjoyment. Standard from the Acenta grade, you have the NissanConnect EV which features hands-free calling, USB connectivity, streaming audio and an enhanced voice recognition. Also, there is a clever sat navigation system that highlights points of interest such as charging stations, restaurants and cash points. These are all visible on the clear 7” touch screen, and you can also manage your other electric driving needs through the system. Enjoy top quality sounds with the energy efficient Bose system, standard in the highest grade - Tekna. This ultra-lightweight and compact system reduces energy usage by nearly 50%.

With the LEAF, you get a variety of advanced safety systems, so you can relax knowing you and your family are as safe as possible. These are part of Nissan’s comprehensive approach to safety that guides the engineering and development of every new model. This includes ABS and EBS (Electronic Brake force Distribution) VDC (Vehicle dynamic control) TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitor System) and finally Nissan Anti-Theft System immobiliser that uses a chip embedded in your car key that prevents the engine is started by an unauthorized individual.

In addition to the above, the LEAF has an advanced airbag system which includes 6 to help protect everyone inside the car in the event of an accident. There are seat-mounted side-impact bags at the front, dual-stage front bags with seat-belt and occupant sensors, and side-impact curtain bags in the roof.

Engine Specifications

Made and engineered for the real world the LEAF hatchback has a NEDC range of up to 124 miles (24kWh) or up to 155 miles (30kWh) which will cover most consumer’s needs.

There are a number of ways in which you can ensure maximum range, such as setting a moderate cabin temperature, precooling or preheating the Nissan LEAF when it's charging to help save battery, minimising rapid acceleration, driving it fast constant speeds and using the B Mode or ECO. The ECO Mode gives you the most efficient use of your LEAF’s battery; when activated it cuts back on air conditioning, limits the airflow and increases regenerative braking, helping you achieve the best range possible.




Read what people are saying about our Nissan Vehicles

Mr Peter Oakley


Nissan Leaf Electric

I was looking to change my previous car, which was a Fiat Croma, as I was looking for a car

which was slightly more economical, and one that would help me cut down monthly driving costs. As I am a low mileage driver, the 100% electric Nissan LEAF was just what I was looking for. There was a great deal that surprised me about the car, and it was much better than I originally expected, however what initially attracted me to the LEAF was its attractive looks and its excellent economical performance. If there was one thing I would change about the LEAF is to increase the range, however that doesn’t affect me considering that I am a low mileage driver. The LEAF suits my life very well as it is an ideal city car, and I get to deal with a local West Way garage!

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Kim  Masters


Nissan Electric Leaf Acenta

I brought the Nissan Leaf after taking my brothers electric car for a spin, like most people I had heard

a lot about the new technology of electric cars but I had my own reservations to committing to new technology – which is always scary! After test driving the electric car I instantly knew I wanted one – it’s by far the best drive to date! The Nissan leaf is very powerful, unbelievably quiet and very easy to drive – this is the new generation from petrol and diesel cars! I previously owned a Volvo S80 D5 for 10 years and was looking for a change to save money on fuel costs, service and repair costs. Not only have I saved £70 pounds a week on petrol but I have also saved a staggering £300 pounds on road tax- the Nissan Leaf is tax free! I have owned the Leaf for just over a week now and it’s everything and more than to what I had expected! There is plenty of room inside even with a car full and is equipped with Nissan Connect and entertainment system which is my favourite feature amongst them all! Not only am I able to enter the vehicle without my keys but I am also able to connect via Bluetooth and USB port without the hassle of going through CD’s. The Leaf is perfect for my everyday travels including my work commutes and my evening run around all in one charge! The Sat Nav feature plays a brilliant part with keeping me notified how many miles I have remaining as well as re-routing me to a nearest charge station. The only negative I have is there are not enough electric cars around and I’m looking forward to see a range of electric vehicles from Nissan. West Way Wolverhampton was very convenient for me with their flexible opening times; all staff members were very helpful and friendly with my enquiries.

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Paul Knox


Nissan LEAF

I purchased a Nissan LEAF from West Way Oxford as we loved the idea of electric driving – never having

to put petrol in the car, being able to generate the fuel and with it not polluting in any way. The car is just wonderful, what I like most is the performance of the car and how smooth it is. However, what surprised me was how much we can fit in the boot! We used the LEAF for our family holiday with ease – it was comfortable and its reliability was just what we needed. The vehicle suits our lifestyle perfectly, the kids love how smooth and quiet it is (it’s hard to stop them falling asleep!) and as a family we are very earth friendly, so an electric car was a perfect addition. We chose West Way Oxford because of the vehicle’s price and the sales team. George was extremely helpful, his straight talking with no waffle or heavy sales pitch and he is the reason we have just returned to purchase our second LEAF!

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Andrew Davies


Nissan LEAF

I visited West Way Stourbridge as it is just around the corner from my house and was instantly attracted to

the deal on the LEAF and the idea of fuel saving by electric motoring, so I thought I’d give it a go! The car is great for commuting, and requires just a few charges a week but I can also use it to drive to London thanks to the rapid chargers on the M40 too. It’s quiet, comfortable to drive and comes with a reversing camera as standard (which really surprised me!). What I like most about the vehicle is the dashboard display and the speedometer reading. What I want to know is why more cars don’t have a big double digit speed display like the one in the LEAF!

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Neil Headley


Nissan LEAF Acenta

My new LEAF Acenta is very comfortable. I love the fact that it is so smooth, quiet and very roomy.

The boot capacity too, is more than ample for our needs. I was amazed with the acceleration and the high level of driver assistance equipment. My previous car was a Honda Jazz Automatic; having experienced a hybrid car, I wanted to try a new concept of motoring by using "all electric" power. The leaf appealed to me due to the fact that it’s very cost effective and suitable to our needs. It is an example of what other manufacturers will surely follow. It is appropriate for everyday use, as we only do local runs and our annual mileage never exceeds 4K. In terms of what I would recommend improvements on; having just got the Leaf I am not able to give honest comment at this time. West Way Nissan had the Leaf in the colour I wanted, the price I wanted to pay, and they also gave me a good realistic price for my previous car. As I live 200 miles away from West Way Coventry, my entire buying experience was one based on trust with the staff there. I had never seen their car and they had not seen mine. I cannot thank Mike Bradbury enough for his professionalism and attention that he gave me. They even delivered the car free of charge for me. The end result was; complete satisfaction with the car and service, and one happy customer. Best regards to all at West Way Nissan.

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Alex Fenlon



I used to own a 2010 Skoda Octavia Diesel which used to burn about £200 per month in diesel. The

Dual mass flywheel went after 40,000 miles along with the clutch and I decided in the end to repair it and get rid and looked at other vehicle options. I read about the Nissan LEAF and watched a few YouTube videos on charging and then went down to West Way Nissan Wolverhampton to have a look. Cameron took me for a test drive, went home had a chat with the wife and then ordered one. Six months on it's saved me £2000 alone in fuel, maintenance, insurance, free parking and charging at Asda. Realistic range of 110 miles, 0.26kwh a mile, and a 0-60 of 8 seconds. I love it and i'm never going back to an ice. My 60 mile motorway commute costs me £1.30, compared to £10 in diesel in the Octavia. On Economy 7 or Solar, it would be nothing - and on Solar carbon neutral. Buy one, you'll love it and won't want to drive anything else. I've done 9000 miles since December and it's never let me down. I've converted one colleague at work to electric.

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New Nissan LEAF