Nissan Qashqai Car Of The Year 2016 Award

The Nissan Qashqai SUV Crossover is one of the strongest contenders in its class, and it reached the 2 millionth sale mark quicker than any other model in the history of the UK’s car industry. The Qashqai is spacious, practical and comfy, making it the perfect all-rounder family-friendly car that covers all driving terrains. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this model is one of the UK’s most loved SUV crossovers. View our Nissan Qashqai deals, pick up an excellent offer on this award-winning car today!

The multi award-winning Qashqai has won various prestigious awards, which include:

  • What Car?’s Best Small SUV 2016 for the third year running
  • Honest John’s Most Popular Crossover 2015
  • Euro NCAP’s safest small family car in 2014

Because of these awards, the Qashqai has gained an excellent reputation as a go-to Nissan Motability vehicle as well as becoming an ever-increasing hit with families.

In addition to these awards, the Qashqai is also popular because of its next-generation crossover design. This incorporates state of the art connected features, advanced technology and outstanding handling which puts the driver in full control behind the wheel. For further features and details of the facelift Qashqai, you should click the link.

Exterior Features

The Qashqai’s exterior is longer, lower and wider which gives this next generation car its dramatic look which certainly makes a statement on the road. The LED Daytime running lights help improve your vision and will help others on the road see you better, whilst the LED Indicators that are integrated into the door mirrors make this small SUV signal better to other drivers. The Qashqai comes with 19” split-spoke alloys which even look like they’re moving at a standstill. At the rear, the sculpted lines and rear side windows are completed by the sporty body-coloured rear spoiler- perfect for the Qashqai’s aerodynamics. The glass roof which comes as an option fills the car with light which makes for an array interior.

Interior Features

Accommodating for you and your family, the flexible seating and twin-level boot floor can be adjusted in various different situations, so your small SUV will have plenty of space for any situation, be it heading off for a weekend away or everyday shopping. In the boot, there is a reversible boot-floor panel which provides 16 configurations, and inside the car is an ergonomic centre console, spacious glovebox and Electronic Parking Brake which eliminates the handbrake and frees up space in the front of the car.

Technology & Safety Features

You’ll find an array of clever features on the Qashqai model, which have been created and added by Nissan to improve safety, boost practicality and provide you and your family with the best driving experience.

Safety shield technologies include Traffic Sign Recognition which detects road signs and displays the speed limit on the 5” HD full colour TFT screen, Autonomous Headlights which automatically turn on at night when using the High Beam Assist system, Lane Departure Warning system which triggers when you start to move lanes without indicating and Forward Emergency Braking which helps where humans reactions might not be quick enough. In addition to this, there is also Blind Spot Warning, Moving Object Detection which alerts the driver if moving objects are detected behind the car and Driver Attention Alert which monitors driving to determine the driver's level of concentration and fatigue.

To match up to these safety features, you’ll also find another advanced tech inside in the Qashqai, such as NissanConnect; this allows you to access apps, connect your phone and stream music, use sat nav and make phone calls. This feature makes your Qashqai become best friends with your smartphone! As well as this, there is Advanced Drive-Assist Display which outputs the navigation details right in front of the driver, controls on the steering wheel and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which will warn you if the pressure drops below the recommended level.

The Qashqai will park the car for you, thanks to the Intelligent Park Assist which guides your crossover into a small parking space hassle free and safely, while the multiple sensors and cameras make sure you don’t accidentally bump into anything so you can park perfectly every time. For convenience, there is Intelligent Key so you can unlock and start the car without removing the key from your pocket, a Thermaclear heated windscreen which demists and de-ices rapidly and Dual Zone Climate Control which allows passenger and drivers to set their own temperature.

Engine Specifications

The Qashqai comes with a choice of petrol engines, including the DIG-T 115 or the powerful DIG-T 163 with its 240Nm of torque. Both these engines use advanced turbocharging and Stop/Start technology for optimum fuel efficiency and power. Available with the DIGT- 115 engine is the Xtronic (automatic) transmission, this keeps the car in a perfect spot for optimum fuel efficiency and smooth acceleration. As standard, this crossover comes with a sleek 6-gear manual transmission.




Read what people are saying about our Nissan Vehicles

Kathryn Hacking


Nissan Qashqai 2.0 Tekna

As a working mother, I was looking for a car that offered a high level of comfort and space that

would be a practical choice for both my family and lifestyle. Following a recommendation made to me by a family member, I decided to go for the 2 litre, Nissan QashqaiTekna, from West Way. After always having driven smaller cars, and most recently the Peugeot 206 cc, I was pleasantly surprised at the Nissan’s ease of handling when it came to both driving and parking, which make it ideal for doing pick-ups, drop-offs and quick runs around town. With the Nissan, I am able to get my toddler in and out of the car seat easily, and the boot offers plenty of space for a twin pushchair, without the hassle of having to remove its wheels or angle it to fit in. The leather seats are also ideal in that they are very easy to wipe clean should any accidental spillages happen. Not too big, but big enough, I love the Qashqai as it fits within my busy family life!

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Denis Ellis


Qashqai 2.0 Tekna Automatic

Having heard great recommendations from family members, I visited West Way Nissan to enquire about changing my Mercedes for a

Nissan Qashqai Tekna 2.0. The car is very practical, it’s comfortable and there’s a large amount of space both inside and in the boot. What surprised me about the car is the scope of the Nissan Connect, there’s plenty of exciting functions which make it a brilliant feature to have in your car. The only gadgets I wish I had on the car are a CD Autochanger and audible parking sensors, however the Qashqai Tekna suits my lifestyle very well as there’s plenty of room for my golf clubs and electric trolley.

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Jane Wright


Qashqai 1.6 360

Having previously bought a Nissan Note from West Way Nissan, I returned to buy a new Nissan Qashqai as I

had always been happy with the service that I had received at the dealership. The Qashqai is very comfortable, and the amount of space and leg room in the back and in the boot is something that really surprised me, we even managed to fit two adults, two children and four cases in easily for our holiday! What I like most about the car is the 360 camera feature, as it’s really useful when parking in tight, tricky spots. There’s nothing I would change about my car, it’s great value with some really useful features including Sat Nav and Bluetooth and most of all, it makes an ideal family car for the city.

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David Peel


Qashqai 1.6 dCi N-tec+ 4 Wheel Drive

After many years of Peugeot driving, I wanted to change to a 4 wheel drive and liked the look of

the Qashqai. After visiting West Way Rochdale, my local West Way dealership, I bought a Qashqai 1.6dCi N-Tec. It is economical to drive with plenty of room and I particularly like the glass roof. The quietness of the diesel engine really surprised me, as did the comfort of the vehicle, which is simply exceptional. I don’t think that there is anything I would change about the vehicle, other than the addition of a tyre sensor. The staff at West Way were extremely helpful, both during the sales process and when we have visited the dealership for servicing and my next car will definitely be a Nissan!

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Martin Dann


Qashqai 1.5 dCi N-tec+

I bought the Nissan Qashqai N-Tec+ 1.5 dCi after reading good reports about the car. I had owned my Renault

Scenic for nearly 8 years and it was time for a new vehicle. The Qashqai is a medium sized car that’s suitable to meet the demands that I ask from it – I have a 14 year old son who likes his sports, and fitting his kit in the car is no problem (it’s not too bad on fuel consumption either!). The car is very comfortable, and I definitely would not worry about taking the family on long journeys, thanks to the brilliant Cruise Control, air conditioning and the driving view with that bit of extra height. Even though I thought that the parking camera would be my favourite item on the car, the Cruise Control is the feature that I enjoy using the most, with a flick of a switch I can alter my speed, it’s great! One thing I haven’t been as impressed with is the Sat Nav, it often wants to take me the ‘long or wrong’ way round, however I wouldn’t necessarily change it, I would simply review its programming. West Way Stourbridge was a great choice as it was local, the staff were friendly and they weren’t pushy. It was quick and easy when it came to the first service, so all in all very good so far!

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Gaynor Marshall


Qashqai 1.5 dCi 360

We bought the Qashqai 360 in September as we needed a car that suited my husband’s needs, with a higher,

easier access. The Qashqai gives us all of the practical components that we need without having to compromise on style. Owning a 7 seater Vauxhall Zafira previously, I thought that we would have to sacrifice on space with a 5 seater, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the space that we have with the Qashqai. The car has exceeded my expectations and surprised me in many ways - in comfort, it has a smooth drive and its height makes visibility very clear. The car is great for us, we needed a car that my husband would be able to get in and out of easier, that would provide a reliable form of transport and a comfortable, roomy interior. There’s also a touch of luxury with the Qashqai being such a classy looking vehicle. Having had dissatisfactory services in other car dealers, walking into West Way Stockport was different and we knew it was where we would purchase our next car. The staff went out their way to assist us and the service we receive was above and beyond previous experiences. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone!

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Emma Tustian


Qashqai 1.5 dCi N-tec

I bought a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi N-Tec Pure after several people that I knew had raved about their Qashqai.

I was driving past West Way Oxford after visiting another dealership, popped in the dealership for a test drive and really liked it. I decided straight away that it was the car for me! It’s really easy to find a good driving position with the Qashqai, making it very comfortable. Although the car looks quite big from the outside, it doesn’t feel too big and I find it just as easy to park as my last three Ford Focus’. One of my favourite features of the car is the fact that your lights turn off automatically when the engine turns off, which means that there’s no chance of the battery going dead! I wanted a car with good fuel economy, that was big enough to transport my young son around, good enough for commuting and ideal for travelling in rural areas with potholes. The Qashqai gives me all that, it suits my needs perfectly. If I could change one thing, it would be to have more leg room in the bag to make more room for getting my son in and out the car, however I really enjoy driving the Qashqai.

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Beverley Judge


Qashqai 1.2 Dig-t Acenta Premium

I recently purchased the Next Generation Qashqai 1.2 Dig-t Acenta Premium from West Way Nissan Rochdale. After test driving the

Next Generation Qashqai, I much preferred it to my previous car, the Kia Sportage. The car suits my needs well as it is high up, big and safe – the safety features on the car are unbeatable! The extras that the car has are unbelievable, including the Nissan Connect 7” touchscreen and the reversing camera. The drive of the car is so smooth and quiet that sometimes you don’t even think that the engine is on! The only thing I would change about the Qashqai would be to make the glass sunroof an opening one, however this is the only thing that I preferred on my old car. West Way Rochdale is the nicest car dealer I have ever had the pleasure of using, the staff are all friendly, polite and professional.

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Alan  Williams


Qashqai N-Tec Dig-T

The Qashqai, N-Tec Dig-T petrol is very comfortable to drive and its seats are even better than the 1.6 diesel

model. I really like the fact that it is automatic , the new smooth and sleek interior and the body shape of the car itself. To be honest I wasn’t expecting the ride and the engine to be so smooth nor did I expect there to be an upgraded SatNav screen in comparison to my pervious Qashqai. I was surprised it was a 1.2 litre. I wasn’t expecting to change my Qashqai but the new model really caters for my lifestyle, I’m retired and I don’t travel much by car now, only approx. 7,000 a year. This fits with what I want which is an automatic and petrol model for the lower mileage I’m doing. I am always satisfied with the service and the offers from West Way, this is my 6th vehicle from here.

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Michelle Hartigan


Nissan Qashqai N-Tec+

I recently purchased my new Nissan Qashqai N-Tec+ from West Way Oxford. It came at a really good price

and on top of that a 12 month warranty and service plan. My Qashqai is extremely comfortable, and very spacious. I really like the alloy wheels and absolutely love the panoramic roof, it really does give it something extra. I was pleasantly surprised with the drive, very swift for a 1.5, I wasn’t expecting this, the cameras in the wing came in handy too. I previously had a Ford Focus C Max, It was quite old and It was clear to me that I was ready for an upgrade. I was really keen on the shape and style of the Qashqai. What was a big winner for me was the boot space, I always have my car boot full to the top, the Qashqai didn’t let me down. I wouldn’t change anything about this model.

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Matthew Lang


Nissan Qashqai Tekna

I brought a new Qashqai Tekna from West Way Rochdale. I would rate the comfort 8 out of 10

as my favourite feature on the car at the moment are the heated leather seats and windscreen! I was very surprised how nippy the 1.2 engine is, after swapping from a 2011 1.5 dci Qashqai. What made me choose the Tekna model was simply the streamline design, plus since I do a lot of short journeys it means that the petrol choice made more sense economically. The boot has plenty of space for the pram, and the isofix points means that we have the satisfaction of our little baby girl can be safe in her car seat. I love the DAB radio and Bluetooth connection to my phone I can listen to all my favourite music whilst driving everyone around. It was a shame not to have the option of Bose speakers like I had on the older model. I've always received good service in West Way Rochdale, and Mark Reilly in particular gave me and wife excellent service from start to finish, we bought 2 cars on the same day, which were our 4th and 5th cars we have bought from the same dealership. I'll look forward to returning in a few years for my next car.

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Jon Towers


Nissan Qashqai N-Connecta

I brought my new Qashqai N-Connecta from West Way Stockport. It’s comfortable and I love all the driver

aids and the connect system especially the iKey; very convenient. The engine surprised me to be honest, I was not sure about a 1.2 engine but I was wrong, I think the engine is brilliant, the build quality is mega the car feels very solid. My last car was a Qashqai +2 360, I was contacted by West Way asking if I would like to purchase a new car, and in comparison to my old vehicle I really liked the extras with this new N-Connecta. I have 2 little girls (who love the car) and 2 dogs so it is a perfect size for our family! If I was to be very picky the only thing I’d change on this car is the apps when I connect my phone . My last two cars were with West Way Nissan and they have always been very professional and helped me with anything that I've needed :-)

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Beverley Morley


Nissan Qashqai Acenta

I got my third Qashqai from West Way Oxford, it’s a real pleasure to drive, a smooth ride even over

speed bumps! I just love driving it! The boot space is massive, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Congratulations who re-modelled this model they have done an absolutely fabulous job! I have driven many of my friends around in my new Qashqai and they say it feels and looks much more luxurious than the old models that I had previously. I ordered my new car in a beautiful bronze colour and I get nothing but compliments on it. Also I have to say that Paul from West Way Oxford who deals with Motability is fantastic at his job! Very knowledgeable. If it was up to me he'd have an MBE for the job he does! Well done Nissan!

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Tony  Gelsthorpe


Qashqai Tekna

My new Qashqai Tekna was an ex demonstrator from West Way Manchester which came with additional gadgets such as DVD’s

in seats!. I’ve never been in a more comfortable car, the heated leather seats and the air –con is a god send. Love the panoramic roof and the DVD screens as mentioned add that extra touch. I do like the fact that in a Qashqai you are higher up, makes you feel very safe. The car is very economical but it definitely gives you the power needed! I was surprised with the general drive and acceleration for what is a large car, the keyless technology, 6 CD changer and rear parking camera adds to the package. My previous car was a smart car for two; one extreme to another! Due to recent separation with my partner I wanted a bigger and more comfortable car. The car came at an attractive price and the fact it was from an established dealer I felt at ease. The car is reliable, economical and good looking; just like me (I wish!) It’s practical and it does everything I want from it, I just wish it wasn't 10 years old as I want to keep and use it forever!

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Geoff  Austin


Qashqai Acenta Premuim

I have a Qashqai Acenta Premium and I got this from West Way Manchester. I really like the technology that

it holds and how smooth and easy it is to drive. The top three things I love about this car is the keyless entry, the panoramic roof and the fuel economy! My old car was a Ford Mondeo however after ill health I needed a car to cater for my disabilities that would make my life easier and more practical to get in and out of, that's why the Qashqai is a much better fit. The car has a lot of space for both passengers and luggage but if I was to change anything it would be to split the panoramic roof so there was a sunroof at the front and maybe add a colour interior. I was recommended West Way Nissan by a friend and I got a fabulous deal with great aftersales service; I will definitely be going back there soon for my new car, maybe an X-Trail next!

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New Nissan QASHQAI