Nissan Intelligent Choice


When you choose a Nissan Intelligent Choice car you'll feel like you're buying a brand new Nissan. When buying a Nissan used car, the following four pledges ensure that your car is always protected. By purchasing a Used Nissan vehicle less than 7 years old or under 75,000 miles, you will look forward to:

DETAILED CHECKS on history and mileage, giving you peace of mind. 

An independent company will carry out checks to ensure the vehicle is not stolen, there's no outstanding finance, there are no mileage discrepancies and that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A thorough multi-point check and preparation process will then follow, carried out by a Nissan trained technician. Once all checks are completed, the Nissan vehicle will be granted Approved Used Car status.

MINIMUM 12 MONTHS WARRANTY with an option to upgrade to 24 or 36 months. 
As long as your vehicle is serviced in line with manufacturer requirement and is less than 7 years old and covered less than 75,000 miles, you can drive away worry-free with your Nissan Intelligent Choice vehicle.

FREE MOT CARE on vehicles over 2 years old. MOT care covers the cost of repairing or replacing defective parts.

Should your vehicle develop a fault (which we’d hope it wouldn’t!), which cannot be resolved within the mileage and timeframe, we'll exchange it for another vehicle of at least equal value.

PLUS buy a used car on finance and get 2 years free servicing* and 2 years Free European Roadside Assistance. 

YOU + NISSAN CUSTOMER COMMITMENTS providing you with the highest level of support from the minute you drive away in your Nissan Intelligent Choice vehicle. 
Whether a new or existing customer, you will be able to benefit from the following promises.

*Terms and conditions apply. 2 years free servicing applicable when purchasing on used Nissan finance. 

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